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Mini Jar of 30 Positive Affirmations for day to day use. These cards come in 3 versions Flowers Clip Art I am a survivor Supplied in small jar & sent with a Jute bag so you can take them out & about with you. Used to help self esteem, build confidence, self awareness Ages 16 up Each card is 2cm x 5cm approx.​ They are printed to order, and come in a range of 3 designs. Each order is aimed to be dispatched within 5 working days. The order is printed and made up individually as it is ordered, the cards are cut and edges rounded by hand and so the cards may vary slightly in size.​ Please note the affirmations on the reverse of the ‘I am a survivor’ are worded for survivors of domestic abuse ~ narcissistic relationships.

Mini Jar of Positivity-